Project “On European routes”



Project “On European routes”

Co-funded by the EUROPE FOR CITIZENS Programme of the European Union

Strand2: Democratic engagement and civic participation

Europe for Citizens - Programme Guide 2014-2020

2.1: Town Twinning

We are  pleased to inform you  that  our application to Europe for Citizens Programme – project  titled “On Europe's routes” – was selected for receipt of a grant. Applicant Organization – Gmina Kępno. Associated partner - Encs Encs Város Önkormányzata.

There was a 5-day meeting in Kępno in April/May 2016 (from 30th April to 4th May), in which 25 Hungarians and 25 Polish participated, included representatives of local authorities, NGOs, school teachers, entrepreneurs, farmers and other. 

The project’s goal was to encourage societies of twin cities - Polish Kępno and Hungarian Encs - to democratic and social engagement in activities aimed at development and integration of European Union, through sharing of experience, good practices and ideas related to implementation of EU policy on local level, during the meeting in Kępno, and initiating debate about the Future of Europe. 

There have been organized the following activities:

1. Conference, touching the following issues:

- experiences regarding EU policy implementation of the previous EU programming period, of Encs and Kępno

- possibilities of the current programming period, for local authorities and societies of Encs and Kępno

- local methods of fostering social and democratic engagement

- role of volunteerism

- practical implementation of EU priorities at local level

- local strategies in the priorities of the strategy Europe 2020

- citizens` expectations towards EU and their involvement in achieving the EU priorities.

2. Exhibition and audiovisual presentations “On European routes”- picturing investments and other initiatives implemented from EU funds in Encs and Kępno.

3. Trip “following EU investments” – visiting EU investments in Kępno.

4. Hungarian Day - presentation of Hungarian culture to the inhabitants of Kępno – open to all society, organized at the Market Square.

5. Quiz about the knowledge on EU.

Wide society of Encs and Kępno participated in the projects through Facebook:  







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